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Terms and Conditions

Monarch Mothering Placenta Services Liability Form

I understand and acknowledge that in accordance to Canadian laws and bylaws, choosing to encapsulate my placenta is not intended to prevent or treat any physical or mental diseases, aliments or symptoms and that I am choosing to consume my placenta for my own personal beliefs, whether it be spiritual or cultural. 


I acknowledge that I have done my own research on the benefits and risks associated with placenta encapsulation and consumption.


I acknowledge that my placenta specialist has been trained and certified correctly to provide placenta services. I understand that I am choosing to have my placenta encapsulated in my placenta specialists home, in a dedicated area for placenta services.


I understand that my placenta has been handled and encapsulated according to Blood Borne Pathogens and Provincial Food Safety and Handling standards. My placenta has been cleaned, dehydrated and put into capsules in a sanitary and clean work space. Universal precautions for sanitizing are used for all clients.


Upon receiving my placenta capsules from my placenta specialist, I waive any and all rights to hold specialist responsible for any rare, but reported undesired effects, which may include but is not limited to oversupply in milk, hormonal shifts, anxiousness or sleeplessness. I agree to contact my placenta specialist if and/or when I experience any of these side effects.


I understand that upon receiving my capsules, my placenta specialist is no longer liable, including but not limited to any other person(s) ingesting my own placenta capsules.


By checking the box, “I have read and agree to the terms & conditions” on the Monarch Mothering placenta services registration page, I confirm I have read and agreed to all statements within “Monarch Mothering Placenta Services Liability Form”.

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