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Inclusive Birth

Whether choosing home, hospital or planned cesarean birth, I can assist the Mother/birther and their partners to become informed about the course of their birth and options available. I offer continous, uninterrupted presence throughout your entire birth. I can assist in natural pain relief methods, with touch, heat or cold, warm baths or showers, breathing, relaxation, movements and/or positioning. I am an advocate for the families goals. I do not work in place of your partner but in addition to. Your partner has an intimate knowledge of you. I as your doula, bring an intimate knowledge of birth. I offer immediate support for skin to skin, feeding and the uninterrupted first hour after birth.

Monarch Mothering Birth Package includes:

* 2-4 prenatal visits

* unlimited phone and email support

* on call 24/7 from hire until birth of your baby

* 1-2 postpartum visits as you desire 

Birth package $975

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