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  • One flat bottomed glass vial with your choice of silver or bronze ribbed cap filled with your choice of:
  • your Perserved Breastmilk or Dehydrated Placenta

Chain NOT included



Intial Charm:

Why powder perservation for your breastmilk jewelry? 
Most breastmilk jewelry companies use resin to preserve your milk. Monarch Mothering chooses powder preservation to avoid the harmful chemicals that are in even those that claim to be non-toxic resins. Plant basesd, powder preservation is better for you and better for the environment. Most jewelry pieces touch your skin directly and Monarch Mothering wants the best for you and your baby/children during such a transformational time and in the years beyond!

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"Baby Finn" - Glass Vial with Ribbed Cap and Breastmilk

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Glass vial with silver cap

    Special Care instructions:

    Pendant should not be worn in the bath, shower or pool. As with most jewelry pieces, avoid excessive moisture, long exposure to heat or sun and harsh chemicals, lotions and/or cleaning products.

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